IFRS15 – SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (FI-RA)

The „Revenue Accounting and Reporting“ (FI-RA) SAP has launched a tool on the market, which is already traded in perspective as an independent subsidiary ledger for the distribution of revenues. Learn how so that the technical implementation of the rules to the five-stage evaluation model of the new accounting standards IFRS 15 is achieved with customers for revenue from contracts.

This policy is for companies accounted for under IAS, from 2017/2018 mandatory and brings significant changes and cuts for the processes and value flow in the accounts with it.

This practice book fills the gap that exists on the required settings in Customizing and implementation tips to due date lack of specific design aids. Thus, the authors show selected examples of how the software technical design and the integration of new component FI-RA within the existing SAP modules SD (Sales and Distribution) and FI (finance) function. Numerous SAP screenshots serve as ideological support for the implementation of your future deployment projects. Moreover, they are devoted to the hitherto largely unknown, integrated in the add-on application logic of the Business Rules Framework plus (BRFplus) for control of processes and data flows.

– Legal requirements of the new legal standard IFRS 15
– Customizing, implementation and coordination with FI and SD
– Descriptive , concrete process examples in the system
– BRFplus under the Revenue Accounting (FI-RA)