SAP S/4 HANA Central Finance – document replication

In Central Finance, each posting in the source system will be automatically reposted into the Central Finance system in real-time.

You are seeing 2 screens – on the left is the source SAP ERP system Q7Q that belongs to a local subsidiary. On the right is your Central Finance target system, U92. We use the classic SAP ERP posting transaction FB01 to post an FI document with a reference number 4715. We receive the information in the source system that the document was successfully posted in company code CFP2.

We now want to view this posting in the Central Finance system. We start the classic SAP ERP document viewing transaction FB03 in the screen on the right. We use the Document List functionality and search for our reference number 4715. We execute the search and our document is shown.

One difference that I notice is that the vendor account is different. In the source system at the left, it is F1V1, and in the Central Finance target system at the right, it is JS4711.When you repost transactions, you may want to map master data to different structures in the Central Finance system – to merge vendors across multiple source systems into a single vendor in the target Central Finance system, for example.

We now see a master data mapping table that is maintained in the Central Finance system and used during the posting of the transaction to map the master data. Comparing rows 1 and 6 we see that the supplier F1V1 in the source system Q7Q is mapped to the supplier JS4711 in the Central Finance system U92.

This mapping is available for many other data structures beyond suppliers. Returning to the Central Finance system, we can use the Relationship Browser to see the 2 documents. The top is our Central Finance document. The bottom is the local source document –you can confirm by viewing the document number on the left side of the screen. By double-clicking on the document number/description, you are taken into the Q7Q system to the document display transaction.