GR/IR Cockpit powered by SAP HANA

Invoice and Goods Receipts Reconciliation was enhanced, based on SAP HANA. This includes

  • Automatic Clearing (F.13)  (Selection part)
  •  Maintain GR/IR Clearing Account (MR11) (Selection part)
  •  G/L Account Line Item Display G/L View (FAGLL03)
  • Displaying a Vendor Master Record (FK03)
  • Displaying a Purchase Order (ME23N)
  • Display FI Document
  • Display Material Document
  • Display Invoice Document

You use the GR/IR clearing account to post: Goods received which have not yet been invoiced, and invoices for goods which have not yet been received. When you receive the missing goods (or invoice), the system makes an offsetting posting to the GR/IR clearing account. The respective items are not cleared. Before creating the financial statements, you need to analyze the GR/IR clearing account so that the transactions posted to it are properly displayed. The program used for this analysis determines an item balance for each reconciliation account and each assignment number. If the account has a credit balance, goods have been received but not invoiced; if the account has a debit balance, goods have been invoiced but not yet received. The program places any necessary adjustment postings in a batch input session. These postings are made separately per company code, GR/IR clearing account, reconciliation account, and business area. They are then reversed on the day you specify in the program run.