SAP HANA: Accelerating SAP Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

The CO-PA accelerator will replicate the line item data for actual and plan data and the segment definitions. Technically speaking, the tables CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx and CE4xxxx are transferred to SAP HANA with xxxx being the technical key of the CO-PA operating concern.  The most direct effect of the accelerator can be seen in reporting. In large CO-PA deployments, the runtime for reports can be several minutes even if supported by summarization levels. Reports not supported by summarization levels may run into database time-outs or their response time may no longer be acceptable for end-users.

Using the CO-PA accelerator, this runtime can be reduced to several seconds, selecting most detailed line item information from the SAP HANA database. Any required aggregation is performed on-the-fly even on large datasets with 100 million line item records or more. This reporting speed eliminates the need to predefine and generate summarization levels.

From an end-user perspective, nothing changes when running existing reports – except the improved performance. Launching a report will give an information message that data is being selected from SAP HANA.