What has Twitter common with SEPA Credit Transfer?

At first sight Twitter does not have many common characteristics with SEPA credit transfer (SCT). With one it concerns a social network, with the other the common euro-payments area. Where are now the common characteristics? These are 140 signs! So many signs provide both participants for the transmission of messages or information.

Up to now in the everyday business dealings the diminished intended purposes have not turned out yet disadvantage. The assignment rates with the automatic posting of payment entrances are not falling up to now. However, for the future this does not mean that an accounts receivable manager can rest on these figures and results!

With just once 140 signs it could become for the client absolutely difficultly to transmit more complicated circumstances, as for example explanations to deductions and shortenings to the payment, or several invoice and credit numbers. Do you have a Twitter account? Try to send your communication partner with 140 signs comprehensive information sensibly! It could become difficult! Now as a counterargument could be expelled absolutely to it: „For complicated circumstances the receiver can be also informed by means of letter or mail“. This is absolutely right from the principle – however, the practise often looks different. The client tries to accommodate a lot of information as possible in a referral to save additional correspondence.

What is the consequence from it? Companies with a high voucher amount, or with explanations to the payment will also depend in future on the dispatch of a payment notice. Today often these are already transmitted on the electronic way – but often only in the form of a PDF file. Unfortunately, in this case the receiver cannot use therefore the information for an electronic posting.

Now for SAP users remedy is here by view. The SAP AG has extended the dispatch and reception of payment notices. Now beside the present IDoc’s notices can be also sent and received as XML files. Enlargements are not necessary in addition. The scenario is delivered in the SAP standard, and needs a PI infrastructure as a communication interface. About the respective master data the transference way, or the format (XML or IDoc) can be fixed fast and simply. Also Non SAP Systems can profit from it. Through the open XML architecture, the notice can be individually adapted and processed by the receiver.