Planning Phase

Activities during the planning phase are primarily executed in the Project Builder. In SAP this application can be called up using transaction code CJ20N. The WBS structure is setup and linked to the already existing IM structure. Settlement rules for the REVEX elements must be defined. These types of elements only settle expenses to the profit and loss account. If there are expenditures that result in a fixed asset, the expenditures, e.g. for pre-payments, have to be adjusted via manual journal entries later on.

After receiving the confirmed investment proposal the budget has to be allocated to the WBS elements. Last but not least, the newly created WBS’s must be released via transaction CJ02.

Now I would like to elaborate further on the necessary activities within PS. Let’s take a closer look at the Project Builder default settings. The Figure illustrates the entry screen for the Project Builder. The application opens in edit mode by default. So it can be useful to change it to open in display mode.



Select transaction code CJ20N, and then select a Project Definition, a WBS element or a network activity number.  Once the default is changed, projects will now open in display mode. This allows the user to select the WBS level to work on before changing the selected mode. By working in this manner the user will not lock the whole project, so that other users are able to process other areas of the project structure at the same time.