Maintain Project Structures

This is a typical project administrator role to support the project manager and project financial management. For example, a business finance role for direct asset purchasing, asset retirement obligation (ARO) projects, cost recovery and statistical projects or process cost reporting. This could also be used for 3rd Party access. This role does not have as much authorization as the project manager.  The incumbent cannot release funds to a project from IM and assign REVEX budget to a project. The role is allowed to raise purchase requisitions from the project and update the value of work done (VOWD) for the project.

Manage and Control Projects

This is a primarily a project manager role for project management and execution. The individual cannot release CAPEX budget to the project from IM to PS. They are able to make purchase requisitions from the project and to manage purchasing commitments. In addition, this role can update project plan values and copy plans between projects. Moreover, the person responsible is able to release the project structure once funds have been allocated to it (CAPEX). It is also possible to allocate the REVEX budget to REVEX WBS elements and update the project structures, latest estimate figures, and settlement rules, etc. So typically this role is assigned to either project managers or project engineers, corporate functions (IT / HR / CP / HSSE, Finance), GAME Turnaround project managers, or engineers.

Report Projects

This role has access to SAP R/3 and BW reports for plan / actual, budget, and commitment project reporting. Access to line item reporting for detailed analysis purposes is also included. This role is assigned to all project managers and project administrators and may be required by project or program accountants.