Manage and Control IM Budget

The incumbent can update the IM budget for the relevant class of business and manage the funding. He/she is able to run Business Warehouse reports on the program level. However, the incumbent cannot release the budget from IM to the project system (SAP-PS). This role will be mapped to global CAPEX planners who will manage the IM budgets per class of business. This role should not be mapped to project managers. The incumbent is the owner of the IM structure per class of business.

Plan and Rank Initiatives (budget holder)

A single Investment Management (IM) structure is created by Class of Business (global not country-specific). Each IM structure has a person assigned as agreed by the global CoB organization. The individual in this role receives an email request for the release of CAPEX to a project and will need to approve budget release via the SAP Portal. The approval done by the incumbent is the final release as all project / investment decision approvals should have happened prior to this stage outside of SAP. The funding process is completely carried out outside of SAP. The investment proposal, which briefly describes the scope of the project and also contains the economics, as well as possible alternatives, is a written document. This document is circulated within the authorized parties, which contains senior leaders only. Moreover this document contains a cash-flow forecast and brief visualization of the effects of the project on the profit and loss account and within the balance sheet. A capital project cannot incur actual expenditures or raise purchasing commitments unless budget has been allocated within the WBS structure.

Report Programs

The incumbent primarily reviews budget or actual reports at high level project or program levels (across projects, not detailed level within single projects). Typically, a management accountant is in charge of management information reporting. The role has access to both SAP R/3 and BW reports with focus on analysis rather than project operational support. The incumbents could be from any of the following organizations e.g. business finance, management accountant, fixed asset accountant, etc. (but not project managers). This role could be mapped to senior project or program managers who require reporting across multiple projects for a class of business (e.g. in a region).

Manage Project Reference Data

This role is mapped to global master record data focal points only (no local mapping). The incumbent maintains:

  • WBS templates in SAP
  • WBS spend types in SAP
  • Global IM structures

The incumbent is the person responsible for the table, in line with the manual of authorities. The manual of authorities clarifies who has the authority to sign invoices and up to which amount. It is the basis for the enterprise on how segregation of duties is carried out within the organization. The role reassigns level 1 WBS elements to different IM positions and is responsible for the processing of the IM first of the year tasks in SAP.