1. SAP Crystal Reports Intro

Crystal Reports is a widely used report-writing tool and has been in existence for more than two decades. It is synonymous with formatted reporting and provides users with an intuitive design interface for simulating the layout of a report. It is an open tool and allows users to connect to multiple databases and data sources. Crystal provides a very powerful library of functions that can be added to the report and also allows you to add custom logic using Crystal’s language.

Crystal Reports E-Book
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When SAP acquired Business Objects in 2008 Crystal Reports became a standard part of SAP’s software and menu of reporting tools. This book written specifically for business users provides an introduction to SAP Crystal Reports using a real-world business reporting scenario and will enable you to create your first report. We’ll cover:

  • Overview, history and evolution of Crystal Reports
  • Basic end-user navigation
  • Creating a basic report from scratch
  • Formatting to meet individual user’s presentation needs
  • Analysis techniques such as using formulas, sorting/filtering, grouping, summarizing, and creating alerts
  • Best practices for report distribution

 Detailed screenshots and explanations paired with a business reporting scenario will prepare you step by step to work efficiently with SAP Crystal Report version 2011.