Navigating in SAP ERP

SAP ERP is a large software system with a large number of different transactions and a variety of ways to navigate around in them. In this video, we are going to show you the basics of getting around in ERP. At first, you will learn how to log on to the system. After that, we will demonstrate how to use the menu bar, check the status bar and use the menu tree. You will also get to know different ways of accessing the business transactions you frequently use, and finally, how to disconnect from the system.

SAP is a client/server system that is accessible to many different users at the same time. The system itself is running on a database located at one or more so-called servers. A server is a computer that is providing services to other computers, called clients. In the case of an SAP system, the services provided consist of operating a database, running the SAP programs on it and allowing the clients to access the SAP system.

You can only work with the SAP system when your computer, one of the clients, is connected to one of the servers via a network (this can be the local network of your company or an internet connection). Whatever work you do in the SAP system will be stored on the server, not your own computer. This also implies that you must save your work before disconnecting from the server, or it will get lost.